Energy Industry Security: Protect Your Albuquerque, NM Oilfield, Electric Power Plant, Solar Power Plant or Wind Farm

Despite increasing security measures, no energy production facility is immune from potential threats including theft, vandalism and terrorist attacks. So it’s vital for Albuquerque, NM energy facilities to take all possible measures to ensure that their people, properties and business assets are protected from potential security risks.

The proactive effect of having visible security measures in place – like building access control and video surveillance – can go a long way to deter potential thieves, vandals and attackers, and protect your facility, workers and inventory.

Robust Security Solutions for Energy Production Facilities

At Rio Low Voltage, we understand the unique challenges faced by Albuquerque, NM energy production facilities – including oil, gas, solar and wind. We specialize in providing innovative security solutions that secure equipment, outbuildings and vehicles; improve overall safety; and protect workers.

Whether you are a small producer, a multinational corporation, or any size facility in between, Rio Low Voltage can provide effective, proven security solutions that help ensure the safety of people and property, while staying within your budget.

Our access control and video surveillance solutions help protect your energy facility by securing the perimeter as well as all entry and exit points, and by providing continuous monitoring around-the-clock, along with video-based evidence should an incident occur.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Access control is a growing trend in physical security and is an ideal solution for safeguarding equipment and buildings in oil and gas fields, chemical plants, power stations, solar power plants and wind farms.

Rio Low Voltage provides IP-based access control solutions that allow Albuquerque, NM energy production facilities to restrict access to authorized personnel only.

An access control system also can be used to segment your facility and create lockdown for various zones or the entire facility. Restricting access and creating barriers buys time during a crisis, and protects employees until emergency responders are able to arrive. First responders can be granted access with a designated proxy card through a designated lockdown door, so they can secure and clear the area and establish a safe evacuation route.

For larger Albuquerque, NM energy facilities, Rio Low Voltage offers multi-building solutions that provide 24/7 protection of building interiors, common areas, power generation areas, and staff offices.

24/7 Video Security

Oil and gas fields, chemical plants, construction sites, and power plants of all types can benefit from video surveillance in the following ways:

  • Prevent theft of inventory, equipment and vehicles
  • Deter vandalism and other unauthorized activity
  • Ensure perimeter security and detect unauthorized persons
  • Establish liability protection in case of an injury claim by an employee or vendor
  • Ensure compliance with Department of Homeland Security CFATS rules

Having a comprehensive video security solution that includes multi megapixel video security cameras, security DVRs to record video evidence, and posted signage provides facility officials with 24/7 live and recorded surveillance, real-time alerts, and the ability to react and protect their facility from criminal activity or a crisis situation.

Rio Low Voltage designs, installs and supports customizable, remote viewable video security systems for energy production environments of all sizes, which include these powerful features and more:

  • Video Analytics – Intrusion detection, region entry/exit, line crossing, face detection, object counting, object removed, tamper detection and more
  • Mobile App – Free iOS and Android compatible app enables you to view live and recorded security video, with digital zoom; view up to 4 security cameras at once on your smartphone and up to 16 on your tablet
  • Centralized Management Software (CMS) - Manage multiple security cameras, at multiple job sites, from a single interface; includes smart search, calendar search, video tagging, instant replay, two-way audio and more

And if your facility uses a vehicle fleet, Rio Low Voltage provides mobile surveillance solutions that enable your administrators to monitor fleet vehicles to ensure driver safety and protect cargo in transit.

Your Trusted Security Provider in Albuquerque, NMt

Rio Low Voltage is committed to offering the highest level of security to the energy industry in Albuquerque, NM. We can create a security solution that meets your unique needs and specifications, while remaining within your budget.

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Albuquerque, NM energy production facility and workers are protected. Call us today for a customized, no obligation security assessment!